Kayak Fishing Humor

Sometimes you need to have a good laugh. Check out these images and such from around the web.

Kayaks Can Sink Too by Paul Presson How many experienced boaters have forgotten to put the plug in before they launch their boat?  

The Anglers Buddy by Paul Presson We all can use a helping hand.  

Forgotten Paddle by Paul Presson It's hard to leave the launch without your paddle unless you have pedals or power. Be sure that you have a leash for your ...

Fish Dreams by Paul Presson Yep... they sure do!  

I'm getting old by Paul Presson Sometimes getting old sucks. You forget things like leaving your anchor down and it gets harder to paddle.  

Yak Angler 2.0 by Paul Presson Is this you? The sport has changed a lot over the past few years. However, the Rule #1...we can never have enough fishing ...

Not kayak fishing but Max delivers. Falling out of your kayak is no laughing matter so don't forget to wear your PFD.

This one makes you think? So who catches more fish? It's not always those who have the biggest or most expensive boat.

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