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The Best Kayak Fishing Rod Holders

Whether fishing lakes, rivers, inshore of offshore, most kayak anglers will use fishing rod holders regularly to troll, bottom fish, or just add a place to rest their pole.

Having owned several kayaks over the years, I have had the opportunity to install and use several types and brands of rod holders. Although a few work with a temporary attachment to the yak, any rod holder worth its weight is permanently secured with mounts, screws or through-bolts.

Checklist Tip – Before using a rod holder be sure to adjust your drag. If your drag is too tight the results can be anything from breaking your rod holder to possibly tipping you over.

Scotty rod holders are the most popular rod holders for kayaks sold online and at sporting good stores. Scotty makes good solid rod holders. Their base screws into the kayak and allows you to turn the rod holder in any direction and angle. Mounts can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface.

Attwood also makes a kayak rod holder. They have a different type of base that requires you drill a hole your yak and are best for horizontal mounting only.

You could opt to go with flush mount rod holders but I don’t recommend it except for heavy duty use like fishing offshore. If adding flush mount fishing rod holders be sure you get rod holders with a solid bottom. You don’t want water coming in through your rod holder and swamping your kayak.

Many people chose to buy ram mount rod holders. Ram mount rod holders are easy to put on and adjust to the exact position you want. The drawback to these types of rod holders is that they tend to slip if you have an reasonable drag set. I have spoken to several people who have lost rod and reels because their ram mount rod holders failed to stay in position.

Although a little more expensive. Zooka Tube rod holders are my favorite fishing rod holder and I highly recommend them. Not only do they attach using several types of mounts, they are a great design that is strong enough for any type of fishing.




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