SoftScience Shoes – From Walking Miles around Yellowstone to Kayak Fishing

Have you tried SoftScience shoes yet?

I got my first pair of SoftScience shoes for Christmas last year. My wife bought me a pair of Fin 2.0 for kayak fishing.

Ever since moving to Florida several decades ago I have preferred going barefoot and wearing flip flops. It’s too hot for sneakers and socks. In fact, I really don’t like wearing socks at all any longer.

It’s been seven months since I got my first pair of SoftScience and they have held up great. I wear them to the store, around the house, mowing the yard, walking around town and kayak fishing.

I have yet to find a pair of sneakers where I can walk all day and my feet feel good at the end of the day. But the SoftScience shoes are so comfortable I can walk around all day (without socks) and my feet don’t hurt. Sometimes my shoes get a little funky but washing them with soap and water or in the washing machine fixes that problem.

Miles and Miles at Yellowstone in SoftScience Shoes

SoftScience Shoes & Yellowstone

SoftScience & Yellowstone

This past June my family and I went to Yellowstone Park. We spent two full days at Yellowstone. If you haven’t been there yet, add it to your bucket list. It’s an awesome place. The best parts of Yellowstone are not found along the road. You have to walk here, walk there, and walk some more.

Thankfully, my wife bought my SoftScience shoes and I had decided to bring them with me on our trip.

When we went into Yellowstone it was in the upper 80’s and I decided to wear my SoftScience shoes. I wore them for two days straight walking miles to see the old faithful, the waterfalls, hot springs and mud pits. It’s funny, but I didn’t have to walk far to see Buffalo since they hang out in parking lots. LOL

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SoftScience Shoes & Kayak Fishing

SoftScience Shoes and Kayak Fishing

SoftScience and Kayak Fishing

If you like kayak fishing. You need to check out SoftScience shoes. Not only are they comfortable, they hold up and offer protection from the sun, oyster bars, and hidden stuff in the ground that will cut your foot open.

I have been out fishing from my kayak and my boat at least 20 times since I got these shoes. Not only did I walk all over Yellowstone, I have wore them every time I went out on the water.

You can find these shoes at retailers but you can also buy them online at SoftScience and save using the FISHINGYAKS discount code or they also have several of the more popular shoes available on Amazon.

Next up… Fin 3.0 and Flip Flops.



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SoftScience Shoes for Kayak Fishing

Comfortable, waterproof and they last.

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  • Can wear them all day
  • Washable
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