Kayak fishing crates.. the most popular fishing kayak modification!

I lost count of how many fishing kayak crates I have made over the years. The kayak fishing crate is the most personalized kayak mod that you will do. It’s a mod that everyone does and everyone does what they need it to do.

Kayak fishing crates are typically milk crates that are modified to meet the users needs. I added four rod holders to mine using PVC and zip ties. I also added a knife sheath and a flag pole holder. To keep it above any water that makes it’s way into the back deck area I cut up some pool noodles and using zip ties attached them to the bottom of my crate.

In the end, the kayak crate is supposed to do two things well.

  1. Hold your stuff securely.
  2. Be easy to reach while you are fishing.

Are you handy and like to build your own things? The kayak fishing crate is a fun fast project regardless of your skill level. It’s a great one-day project.

Whether you buy a $100 crate or spend 50 cents building yours, as long as it holds your stuff and makes it easy to reach what you need when you need it, it will do the job. Remember, it’s gonna get wet and it’s gonna get dirty so plan for both.

Here are videos showing different ways people have setup their crates. You can also visit our YouTube Channel to see them all.

[ytp_playlist source=”PL2GN586pqKU-iK_hg3WXWJlwlq-y51ORr”]

If you like modifying your fishing kayak and are thinking about adding a motor, check out one of our favorite Kayak Modification Facebook Groups.

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