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FishingYaks is on the water

cropped-FishingYaks-Logo2.jpgLaunching a website is a lot like kayak fishing.

You start with and keep a checklist. You check it before you hit the road and again as you get on the water. Even though you checked everything twice, things still happen and you don’t realize it until you’re a mile from your launch. We have been working on this site for many months and have gone over our checklist a few times. We still have more to do but is ready for visitors.

Our mission is to provide anyone looking for information about fishing kayaks, the opportunity to learn as much as possible from actual owners and users. We all know what it’s like. You did your research and sure enough, once you get into your new boat, you learn things you wish someone had told you. We are not here to bash any kayaks but we are here to help people make informed decisions with statistics, reviews, comments, pictures and videos.

Come back and visit us often as we offer a new experience for people interested in kayak fishing and especially people who are just starting out learning the sport. The information we provide should help everyone who fishes from a kayak and is the market to buy their first kayak or upgrade to their fifth.

Do you already own a fishing yak? We are actively looking for fishing yak owners who want to share their experience and pictures so future owners can make informed decisions about which kayak is best for them and their fishing style. If you own a kayak and would like to become an owner, look for your kayak and click on the Become an Owner button. If your kayak already has an owner, let us know and we will find a way to get added to the site.

If you have any question, please use our contact page and we will get back to you right away.

Tight Lines and don’t forget your PFD.

The Team

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