Adding a trolling motor to your kayak

One of the most coolest mods you can do to your fishing kayak is add a trolling motor. We discuss more about trolling motors for fishing kayaks in our Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Fishing Kayak!

If you are looking to add a trolling motor to your kayak, be sure to check out Kevin Dismuke’s Kayak Motor Mount Facebook page. He not only knows how to make a great mount but also had gotten pretty good at making videos too.

I recently discovered B&C PowerYaks in Dunedin Florida who specializes in trolling motors for kayaks. Bob has his own side mount for kayaks and canoes and also carries stern mounting systems and trolling motors for kayaks. Be sure to check out their Facebook page too.

Kevin’s YouTube Channel

[ytp_channel source=”UCjh1_rkH0azXUXpNmxMtKfw”]

PowerYaks YouTube Channel

[ytp_channel source=”UCmt040WyM8jKh_kwsC9gqew”]


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