13 things to look for when buying your first fishing kayak

Buying your first fishing kayak is exciting but what should you look for? What I learned is that no matter what you think you want now, you are going to change your mind once you start fishing from a kayak and learning what you like, want and need.

Whether you are buying a new or used fishing kayak for the first time, plan on buying your second one in the near future.

No matter what kayak you choose to buy you can sell it so don’t worry about the price, just buy the best one you can afford and get started catching fish.

Here 13 things you should consider.

  1. Price – Buy what you can afford.
  2. Stability – The wider the kayak, the less likely you will tip over.
  3. Length – Longer kayaks will track better and are usually faster.
  4. Weight – Traveling with your kayak can be hard. Don’t buy a heavy kayak if you cannot lift it.
  5. Portage – How are you going to get your kayak from your house to the water?
  6. Sit In vs Sit on Top – Which do you like more?
  7. Comfort – You are going to be in the kayak for hours. Find something that is comfortable for you.
  8. Durability – How thick is the plastic? Will it warp in the heat or get a hole when dragging it?
  9. Features – What other features come with the kayak?
  10. Pedal or Paddle – Do you want to use your legs or arms to propel your kayak?
  11. Standability – Being able to stand up when fishing is an advantage.
  12. Value – Do you feel like you are getting value from your fishing kayak? Do you use it once a year or once a week?
  13. New or Used – Some people don’t want to buy used. Either way, it’s ok.

The last thing that you need to consider is where you are going to be fishing. Are you fishing in lakes, rivers, inshore, offshore, brackish water, salt water, warmer climates or cooler climates. There is no such thing as the perfect kayak for every situation.

FishingYaks.com is a great place to search for kayaks and learn which one is for you. If you are looking for a kayak that we don’t have, let us know¬†or comment below and we will add a review for you.


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